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" Helping Your Veterinarian To Help Others "

We all know too well, the Pain and Grief we all get
when dealing with the Loss of our Loved Ones (Pets). They are our Soul Mates, Best Friends and a very Loving part of our Family!

Our Veterinarians do play a special role in our Pet's Life. So when we have a Loss, having support is really needed. Your Veterinarian, most likely, will be the first human support you get. But! Sometimes we forget that our Veterinarians have feelings, too. They may not show that pain and grief on the outside, but inside it's all there. Having these feelings inside, the words of support might get lost in their own Grief.

While we were trying to find ways to reach and offer support to more folks, we had Web Cards printed up. These cards are about the size of a post card and look like our home page, plus give information about our URL, "In Memory Of " Pets and give our mailing address.

Because of the great feed back that Veterinarins are getting from those they send the cards to, we would like to offer these Web Cards to your Veterinarian.

Image of Web card

We give these cards free from our Hearts, to Offer Support to Others. We can mail these Web Cards to you or your Veterinarian.

Please e-mail your name, your Veterinarian's name and mailing address to
John E. Mingo Sr. or Carole A. Miller


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"In Memory Of Candy"

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