Skittles by STEPHANIE

You were just a baby
too young to die.
You are sadly missed by
all your cage mates and us.

We will meet again till
then bye bye and god bless

Love from Stephanie, Anne and
your friends, Polo,
Minto, Honey, Bluebell,
Wispa and Smartie.


Always thinking of you,

Stephanie and Anne


Berry by Stephanie

Although you had been ill
for a while we never
thought that you would leave us,
but you passed away
so peacfully in your sleep god bless,
we all miss you

Love from
Stephanie, Anne Poppy and
Always thinking of you,

Stephanie and Anne


Faith by Anne

You have left a big space
in our hearts. Your sister,
mum and friend are all missing you.

They wonder where you have gone.
God bless you,

Now you are out of pain and suffering,

I Love from Anne, Stephanie,
Hope, Charity
and Gypsy

Always thinking of you,

Anne and Stephanie