Ever Watchful

Our silly silly girl. Our precious baby who made us fail fostering 101. We welcomed you into our home as our first foster. When we received the call that you had found a home we promptly told her yes she had found a home and a special place in both of our hearts. Chipsy was not your ordinary greyhound.With her straight up ears to her huge greyhound grin.She had no use for toys however when she wanted to play she would lie on her side and bring her paws up over her ears and grunt. We would pat her side or scratch her ticklish belly and she would go "silly" on us. She was a guard dog she would bark at the doorbell, bark at anyone walking down the street and of course at the lucky dogs that were on a walk with their owners. Dear Chipsy I will now be afraid of the thunder since you will not be able to tell it to go away with your fierce bark, your greyt friend Amber. .Bobby wants you to know she is keeping your bed safe and warm for your return.You have made us so happy now you can be happy and run and run and lay out in the sun.We all miss you! from the woofs and meows. Bobby, Amber, Armani, Spaz, Squirt, and Dale. We love you and miss our silly girl.

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