my lovely pip,i miss you so much.

my pippy boy,i am missing you more as the days go by,its only 12wks since you went to sleep but i miss you more everyday,i am finding life a struggle without you,as my life is not complete now your not with me because you were such a very special little boy.i miss giving you your tablets in your chicken meat,and getting up in the night to let you out[even if i was half asleep,i miss talking to you as you really did know what i was telling you,i miss dancing around holding you in my arms you really loved that,you even knew what my favourite songs were,i miss everything about you my fudley and i would give anything to stroke and cuddle you again it hurts so much not being with you,it hurts more than anything has ever hurt me in my life before.i keep consoling myself that we will be together again at rainbow bridge,but until that day comes i will keep talking to your photos and hope that maybe you can hear me.well little one sleep peacefully,i love you and miss you more than words can say.mum xxx

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