Rags on His Good Day After His Nap!!!!

Rags, was a Chocolate-Seal-Point purebred Simease born 10/1991 and passed 04/28/07. I hand raised him from a newborn and bottle fed him to what he was. He lived a long 17yrs and was one of the most loving cats I had ever had. He watched over me in many ways due to my medical problems he was always by my side. When it came to taking him somewhere I was the only one that was able to handle him for long peroids of time. We had a lot of good times. He passed from a heart murmur, severe anemia and only 10% of his kidneys were working, and his blood pressure was dropping quickly while at the Vet. All this happened very fast and I am still having a hard time dealing with his death. More to come Later…

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