Talpa – May 2nd 2002- Feb. 20th 2005

Talpa was a sweet sweet baby. She loved being cuddled. She especially loved having her head scratched. She would leave her foot on her head until I would come over & give her a good scratch. She could never get enough of it. She would say “Talpa Talpa,up,up,up” when she wanted to get out of her cage. She would laugh hysterically sometimes for no good reason. She loved to sing & play. She loved taking bathes. She was so happy being all wet! She loved going on walks & seeing all the wild parrots that flew over our house twice a day. She always wanted to eat my meals with me. She would make cooing sounds until I shared with her. She especially loved orange or red food for some reason. Lasagna & mangos were her favorites. Fighting with her toys was always a favorite activity. But she was as sweet as a dove to me.Mommy loves…

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