The Legacy of Mr. Kitty

September 2, 1983 to September 11, 2004Even though I had my Mr. Kitty for 21 years, it feels like it was not long enough. It seems like yesterday that I saw his little face in the cage at the Animal Rescue League and even though he was in there with several other kittens, as soon as he looked up at me and let out a little kitty “mew”, I knew he was the one.Taken from me by the ravages of jaw cancer, this sweet, little guy was always ready to nestle in on my lap or snuggle up with me in bed. Even in his later years when he was deaf and a tiny bit blind, he always greeted me with a hearty “meow” and a gentle rub against the leg.He went peacefully, with the vets assistance, on my lap. In his last two days, he could no longer eat, and although he remained perky, I knew I could not put him through any more pain.Some might say, “he was just a cat” – but those that do, do not understand. My Mr. Kitty will be missed terribly. I have a heavy heart writing this one day after the fact….. but I take solace in the knowledge that his discomfort is over, and he is romping free with my dog Rex at the Rainbow Bridge, both awaiting my return.Jim Capillo9/12/04

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