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Wednesday, 10 February 2016 09:29
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43) Cynthia Walker
United States
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Thursday, 31 December 2015 13:39 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

We lost our Ms. Wiggle yesterday 12/30/15. She was a pound puppy that I adopted 5 years ago, she was the sweetest little angel who left her paw print on my heart. I will miss her so much and will be looking for her at the rainbow bridge when it's my time. Rest in Peace my little honey bear, I love you XOXOX
42) sharon 
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Thursday, 10 December 2015 22:02 Host: Write a comment

We lost our little becky at 12 yrs old. she was the last of the trio, including bandit and penny, we started with so many yrs ago. although we are heart broken we know they are all together and free of pain playing at rainbow bridge. There were no better companions than they were. you play until mommy and daddy come to call
41) Janelle 
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Thursday, 19 November 2015 12:38 IP: Write a comment

I lost my beloved Pitbull Bronx yesterday. I have never had a more loyal, loving friend. He was gentle and loved everyone. I can't seem to process he is gone. I will never forget you Bronxy. Thank you for choosing me to share your life with. It was an honour to have you. R.I.P
40) Phil 
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Friday, 9 October 2015 05:32 Host: Write a comment

It's seven years today since my dear car went to sleep I miss you smartie xx
39) matthew keil 
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Tuesday, 22 September 2015 13:08 Host: Write a comment

I lost my little buddy Zeus yesterday. He blessed me with 17 wonderful years. Words can not describe the love he gave me or how i felt about him. Him and his sister Zena will always be remembered and loved. Till the day i get to hold them again and feel there little kisses. I will be whole again. Your daddy loves you!
38) kris
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Sunday, 30 August 2015 18:50 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I lost my last 3 kitties on 8/28/15, my little CKD Solo 12 born approximately 8/27/03, Safire 15, born approximately 4/22/2000 and Lucke 12, would have been 13, born 10/31/2002. All of you will have a special place in my heart forever. Solo, my bub, my sweet pea fighter trooper cute girl, I love so much, no more medicine 2x a day, doc visits or needles. Safire, my pretty girl, I love you so much. Lucke, my handsome devil panther, I love you so much. Until we all can meet again, hunt, play and enjoy your new life illness-free with your siblings already there. I will miss you all more than I can express in words. I loved being your mom, your mama, your MB.
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Saturday, 29 August 2015 02:23 IP: Write a comment

One of my closest friends went over the Rainbow bridge today. Im gonna miss his little white spot on his grey chest, and how calm he always was. He taught me that being relaxed all the time is an easier life to live. I hope I will meet him

Kris Sunday, 30 August 2015 18:52
I'm so sorry for your loss. We have to remember the great times we shared with them and hope to meet again.
36) Archana
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Friday, 7 August 2015 19:16 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I lost my baby Comet on May 20, 2015 and not a day passes without me crying I miss him so much! Comet, would have turned 10 on June 6, 2015. My baby was healthy and fine until April 16, 2015. He coughed on April 15 and something seemed off so we asked the vet to take an x-ray, found 2 tumors on his heart-diagnosis -Hemangiosarcoma-aggressive rapid uncurable cancer that is asymptomatic. We tried surgery, radiation, 4 oncologist nothing worked. He looked and behaved normal till May 18, 2015 and then could not breathe and was in the oxygen cage for 2 days--we stayed and visited with him in ER and finally when he stopped eating and the fluid build-up from hemorrhages occurred every few hrs we had to let him go on May 20, 2015. I feel so bad that there were no options and feel guilty wondering if I let him suffer for 2 days while we searched for a miracle cure even though his team of doctors told us the cancer had spread thru his body. He passed away on my lap listening to his favorite song holding his toy. He was the most loved Labradoodle byy friends and family and my buddy. He watched Tv with us, loved parties, and was welcomed at stores, post-office, banks -was by my side for all my errands. The house seems quiet and empty without him. When the doorbell rings there is no barking. Comet left a big hole in my heart and nothing can ever fill it.
35) Deborah A Rawlins
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Thursday, 30 July 2015 23:08 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Buddy,my sweet little boy,Baby my sweet little girl,Timmy,Sadie,maggie,Nelly,Kitty,Jennifer Blay,cracker ghost,Toots,peppy,sabastian,every single one of you are loved,thought of and missed DeARLY.I love you so smuch.thank you for being such big part of our lives.I miss you so so much,and I pray to God,we will be together again,never to be departed.Bud,moomys boy,Baby doll,mommys girl.I love you.xoxoxoxoxoxox frown
34) robert declercq
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Monday, 22 June 2015 15:59 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

smile bluebear daddy loves you forever!!!
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