A Brown Mouse Called Max by Joanne / “Your guardian angel”” :) “

This is a true story.

On my way to the grange fair,
I saw a cat in someones garden.
Nothing strange about that,
I might have just passed by,
except there was.
When I saw from the corner of my eye,
a mouse so innocent and small.
It was easy to see the mouse was in trouble,
the cat was waiting to pounce and gobble.
The poor little mouse had nowhere to hide,
if I hadn’t been there,
no doubt he would have died.
I called the cat from afar,
distracted, if only for a second or two,
it wasn’t a moment to soon.
I picked up the mouse and held him safe,
then continued on my way.
When i stopped at a friend’s house,
I told her my story,
of the cat and the mouse.
We put the mouse in a box,
he ate some biscuits.
he seemed ok,
except for a scratch on his back,
that nasty cat.
we left the box by a bush,
hopping he would go free.
but when I returned from the fair,
I was surprised to see,
the little mouse was stil there.
so I took the box back to my house,
i showed my family the little mouse.
we found a shoebox,
and made him a home.
A little bed of torn up kitchen roll,
some biscuits to eat,
and some fresh water in a little bowl.
He was very tame.
He stayed with us for a couple of days.
My friend and I named him Maxamous Charlie Lee Mousamous.
He lived happily in his little housamous.
but then we had to let his go,
after all he was a wild mouse.
He could no longer live in our house.
watching him go free was rather sad,
but deep down I felt proud.
I had saved a mouse from the jaws of a cat,
and I am pretty sure max is greatful for that.


Forever and always thinking of you, Maxamous Charlie Lee Mousamous.
A Brown Mouse Called Max
9, May 2003