A.C. {Taters} by Michael & Karen / Mommy & Daddy

A.C.(Taters), You were the best, your loving nature and special ways, always made us realize how lucky
we were to have you.

A cat that loved to ride in the car, you were one-of-a-kind. We loved you so much, more than anything else, and you gave us plenty of love in return.

Even through your diabetes, we stuck by you and would never think of putting you to sleep. But your body gave out with a bad liver and kidneys failing, all the medicines and feeding, really wore you down.

We stuck by you till the end, loving you like you would us when we were sad or sick, we are so glad you passed quietly, and were at home where you were most happy.

Patty always said you were something special, and loved you dearly. You would make her light up, when you would go see her in the hospital,
you were perfect in her eyes and ours.

Patty now has you to hold for us in heaven, until we meet again my little sweetheart.


You will be in our hearts forever,
A.C. {Taters}
20, Mar 2006
Michael & Karen