Abbigal M. Weatherman by Kristy Weatherman / Mom

Weatherman, Abbigal (Abby) Marie, a loving and loyal companion and resident of Denham Springs, she died at 3:50 p.m. Friday, March 11, 2006, at Dodge City Veterinary Hospital. Born May 13, 1994, she was 11 and a native of Baton Rouge.

Abby loved to go swimming, fishing, and what she called hunting with her paw-paw Rhett. She enjoyed living in the country where she ran with all her friends and cared for the other “babies” around, and would help get rid of all the snakes which maw-maw Kandi is terrified of.
She is survived by her mom, Kristy Weatherman, sister, Kayla Wilkerson. brother, Christopher Murray Jr., grandparents, Kandi and Rhett Blackwell,Grandpa John Weatherman Sr., Aunts, Amy and Erica Blackwell, Elizabeth Winfrey, Jackie Weatherman, uncles John Weatherman Jr., Tyler Jewell, Michael Winfrey, cousins, Angelle and Nyllah Winfrey, and Trinity Weatherman.

She is buried in the Blackwell pet cemetery.


Always remembered and loved,
Abbigal M. Weatherman
11, Mar 2006
Kristy Weatherman