Abby by Judy Gervais / Mommy

A few years back Abby came into our lives. I cried when my husband brought her home to me. I had always wished for a Yorkie. Since my children have all grown and gone their own way, Abby replaced that loss of the empty nest syndrome.
We spent many years of love and companionship with Abby.
We let her have a litter of pups. Her first litter she had 6 pups. We kept one of her pups, we named her Tilly. We had another baby to love but Abby was always number one. We decided to let her have one more litter of pups a couple years later. Little did we know we would loose our baby Abby. After 5 weeks of her nursing her babies we lost Abby. We were HEARTBROKEN. Now it’s been 5 months later and we still have trouble getting over her loss. We had Abby cremated. I have her box on my dresser and a small memorial for her. Every Sunday we light a candle for Abby. I think the hardest thing is in the mornings. She always greeted us every morning with kisses. We took Abby everywhere we went. She loved to go camping and she loved her walks. Abby will forever in our hearts and she will never be forgotten.


All My Love,
Judy Gervais