Abby Sanphy by The Sanphy Family / Mommy

Two years ago a women called me at my rescue and said that “she had a little Beagle girl named Abby, that she needed a home and possibly had one for you”. I offered to take you in and to keep you until the women who wanted to give you a home came for you. I picked you up and found a sweet, very chubby Beagle girl who had seen a lot of years on her body. I could not get over how beatiful your big brown eyes were. They were soft, gentle and needed a caring person to look into those eyes and understand the pain this “Sweet Baby Beagle Girl”
had gone through.

I tried not to get to close to you at first, because I knew you had a home and it would only be a few days before you would be gone to your new home. Then this lady came, she looked at you and saw what years of abuse had done to you. She saw a jaw twisted, a leg that was previously broken and never healed right, a bunch of teeth missing and a body with teats that saw one to many litters. I loved you from the first moment I laid eyes on you, but I held it in until the day
when she came to take you away.

She thought you were not very pretty and was not to interested in you. I thank God, because she gave to me the chance to be your mother, our home to be your forever home and our love to be the love you deserved. Last year we lost Charlie, our other beloved Beagle and when I left the vets office after having lost him, the whole ride home you laid your head on my shoulder, licked away my tears and
helped me through a very tough time.

I never forgot how much you comforted me that day. Then today I saw pain in those eyes, the doctor told me that you had lumps all inside your abdomen. There was fluid around your heart, and most of your organs began to shift. He said you were uncomfortable and I knew you probably had been for sometime. I wanted everything
to be different, so very different.

Today, as I held you in my arms for the last time, I felt you leave me and a part of me died! I am glad, so very glad that I had you, so glad that you were a part of my life, even if it was only for a couple of years. You are and will remain the most precious dog I have ever known.
I will miss you! I love you!

You are my “Sweet Baby Beagle Girl” now and forever. God bless you and wait for me at the bridge where we will meet again
with open and loving arms.


With The Greatest Love,
Abby Sanphy
The Sanphy Family