Abi by Andrea Szabo / Andrea Szabo, Abraham Tio

by Andrea Szabo

When we brought you home
it was fun and joy,
you were a tiny little girl
with gigantic vigor.

You quickly learned your ways
to keep us entertained,
and gave us all the love and joy
a tiny pig can give.

You followed us everywhere
when you heard your name,
now there is just emptiness
when we call out your name.

It is not that we forgot
that you had to be gone,
just that in this household
your memories live on.

It has been six months now
that you left this world,
will this pain ever end
we’re asking sky and earth.

Now with your sister gone
the pain is unbearable,
but we’ll make sure that we will think
good thoughts of you forever.

You gave nothing but happiness
when you were still with us,
how can we forget that love
it lives within our hearts.

We hope we did not fail you
and know that you were loved,
your suffering has ended
when you gave up the fight.

Sickness is a part of life
and had we known it sooner,
we sure would have tried
to keep you with us longer.

We will keep your memories
and all your pictures too,
and hope you will hear us up there
when we talk about you.

Now the days are empty
but there’s a tiny light,
because when we speak of you
your spirit is around.


The tiniest guinea pig on Earth, you will live in our hearts forever.
13, Nov 2002
Andrea Szabo