Abigail Rose {Abbey} by Danielle / Your Human

If the people of this world had the heart and soul of Abigail Rose, it would be a better place. She loved to go to the river and dive underwater for rocks. She loved to follow me around the house and loved to eat cereal…cinnamon crunch toast only, please. I took her in for a sinus infection and came out with a cancer diagnosis. She lived for 4 months after. The night before she died she chased rocks, rode in the car, and ate a bagel with me. It took her fast the next morning and for that I am grateful. She was not ready to go and I was not ready for her to leave.

For all the people of this world that love animals and give them the love they deserve, I thank you. I believe truly that the way a person treats an animal says a lot about them. Abbey, I love you so much and my heart hurts everyday. You have made me a better person. Everyone misses you. Say hello to Rico Suave for me…you two will be quite
the characters at Rainbow Bridge.


Love you,
Abigail Rose {Abbey}