Addison by Brian / Brian

Addison came into my life through a chance encounter in the fall of 1993. I just happened to be nearby when he was tossed out a car. I picked him up, and took him home. Someone told me, that I had a friend for life. He was so right.

I had a hard time thinking of a name, so I named him after the village I found him in – Addison.

I never knew his exact age, but that didn’t matter. He was my friend and companion for 12 years, often when
there was no one else.

He was a beautiful cat – black and white with tan bands, the tan being just on the tips of his black hair. He had extra toes up front. His belly was all white,
expect for an oval of tan and black.

When the time came, I knew I had to say goodbye, for his sake and for mine. But I will miss him greatly. I’ll miss seeing him come to the door when I come home. Waking me up in the morning – with a gentle tap of his paw on my face, or walking on me – to feed him. Seeing him laying on his back like a flasher. Sitting outside the bathroom while I was in the shower. Watching him clean himself, or lick his chops after eating. Sitting in my lap and purring. Cuddling with me when it was cold. Playing hide and seek around corners.

I won’t forget him.


For Addison, my friend,
15, Aug 2005