Akiko by Nicole


" Akiko "

April 1 1992 ----- Jan. 18 1999

Long Hair Cat

My Dearest Friend Akiko


In your short life time here with me there was only one friend like you,

In all of this world Akiko my best friend it was so very true.


When I would come home from school so beat and tired,

You didn't mind at all you came to me with a smile,


You were my best friend indeed for all the world to see what you have

meant to me


They would have had to come and see to believe.

All the "Sign Language " Akiko knew,

so much from his kitten to adult years too.

So let's not shed any tears,

Because Akiko would not want us to remain in fears,

for he is not in anymore pain,

so let us refrain

Akiko is in "Pet Heaven" having a very peaceful day...