Alexander G. Pusswinkle by Carolyn van Heerden / Your kitty-mommy, Carolyn

Last night I had to make the hardest decision of my life. I had to have my kitty soulmate, Alex, euthanized. Alex had CRF and was declining so quickly my head was spinning. Alex was special because he chose me! I was looking to adopt another kitten from the Toronto Humane Society, and I had determined that I would look at every single kitten/cat they had before making my choice. Imagine my surprise when this little kitten saw me coming and ran towards the front of the cage! He stuck his little paw out of the cage as if to beckon me to him! He even purred at me!

Well – I wasn’t about to be swayed by the first cute kitten I saw, so I managed to pull myself away from him and go look at the rest of the kittens. Imagine my surprise when this same little kitten came running to the front of the cage again when I came around for a second look! That little paw beckoning me to him was the sign I needed, and Alex came home with me that very day.

In the ten years he’s been my companion, he’s never once made me angry, and he’s been the absolute perfect kitty. I’m going to miss him more than I could ever imagine. Alex, just remember that
I will ALWAYS love you.


With all of my love, purrs & headbutts,
Alexander G. Pusswinkle
Carolyn van Heerden