Alfie by Fern and Sue Verhulst / Love,

Mom and Dad


You are our little boy, the love of our life. You showed us love and peace even in our darkest hours. You loved to play games, you loved to cuddle at bedtime. Hide and Seek was your favorite. You were so proud when you found us hiding. Those sparkling eyes, your tail wagged so fast we thought you would take off and fly. Pieces of cookies you would hide for a snack later on were never eaten.

Now you’ve passed on that love to another little one that you sent to us. We know this little girl was sent by you. She was abandoned but had so much love her spirit was never broken. We thank you for loving us so much that you sent us Misty to love. You are in our hearts and in our thoughts every day. We will be playing hide and seek one day so watch for us to cross that bridge.
Until then keep playing, feel no pain and know that the love you showed us and the love we have
for you will always be there.

Mom and Dad


This place in our hearts will always be yours,
9, Sep 2002
Fern and Sue Verhulst