Alfie by rachel / Mum and all your family

The time we had together was special, though short
Your illness gave us a courage
One so much stronger than I thought.

Together we conquered the bad, rejoiced the good.
You showed so much bravery and trust,
living for your long walks in the wood.

I never expected a love could run this deep.
Your pain was my pain,
So I knew when the time had come for you to sleep.

Oh Alf, I wish it could of worked so much.
The last thing to remember, my kind
words and loving touch.

Our tears for you might still be flowing,
but my heart is relieved just by knowing
for you baby boy there no more pain,
only bright sunny days, and fond memories will reign.

So it’s time for you to go now, Alfie,
run and be forever free
and I have know that at rainbow bridge,
there’s a special dog waiting for me.


Thank you for being mine.

Love you,
20, Apr 2005