Alicia Catrina by Ken & Kim / Daddy & Momma

With a happy heart, I remember the first time we saw you in the pet store window, bouncing around, trying to play with your sleeping littermates. When you were placed in the travel box, they did not close the top and you sprang out of the box onto the counter and then to the floor, feet running as fast as you could but the slippery floor kept you at a walking pace. The salesman tried to catch you but he bashed his head on his cash register drawer for the effort.

When you were brought home, you discovered the computer table and the place above it. Because you were so little you needed help to get up to the top, high above the floor where you could watch your new territory, but I think that you really liked the lamp and the light that kept you warm. The high place on the computer table under the light became, and always will be, your place; Allie’s place. As our family grew, you were always tolerant of the new additions. We bought Katie a week later as a playmate for you. There was no need for adjustment time for the two of you as you played together very quickly. It was a joy watching the two of you tearing around the place, chasing each other, wrestling, and sleeping together. In the early mornings, I pretended to be annoyed when you would sleep on my chest, but when I opened my eyes you would greet me with a purr that I could feel in my heart, I was really as happy as you were. I miss the little dance you would do on the tiles, batting at an imaginary something or other then springing off of the door or wall, running to chase something else.

I still laugh at your antics one winter evening when we lived upstairs in the apartments. When I would come home, Momma would let you out on the landing and you would wait at the top of the stairs for me to come up and you would purr and roll around, happy that I was home. But this time, the door was opened and instead of running out to greet me, you waited inside the door until I was almost up the stairs, then you ran out, gave me a single loud meow and ran back into the apartment. It was cold on those paws that night.

As time went on our family grew to 6 cats, Hope and CiCi we rescued from the animal shelter, Cory was rescued from a cruel child who was swinging him by the tail into the mouth of his pit bull, and Lucky was rescued from the street. I can see your teachings in Lucky. She has become the cat who greets me at the door, she chatters the same sound that you did when there are birds on the lawn, and she has the same love and affection that you always showed me.

As time went on, when it became hard for you to get up to Allie’s place, you would lay on the computer table and wait for me to help you up to your place, but not before a long scratch behind the ears and all your other favorite places. You took over my recliner and when I wanted it, I would say “Get Off” and your response was to stretch and make a chatter that sounded more like a squirrel than a cat, but you would not give up the seat, so I would go and sit elsewhere.

Finally, the day came when you became too sick to carry on. When the doctor said that your liver was failing and that we could not win this fight, I am sure you heard my heart break. I am sorry that I could not be there with you at the end my friend, but I did not have the strength to bear watching my friend go to sleep for the last time. Momma was much stronger and she was there for you, for she loved you too. I still look for you in your place, Allie’s place.


With tears on my keyboard, I don’t say goodbye, but a sad farewell for now.
Please wait for us
Alicia Catrina
19, Mar 2004
Ken & Kim