All Pets by Josh / Josh

I’m just sitting here reading everyone’s stories and all of stories sound like your hurt. Like one for example sweetie. It proves that people would go that far to get rid of a animal. But to chase it into a street when a car is coming it’s just sick. It makes me cry, it does. I’m coming to you as a pet owner who had a lot of experiences with those kind of things.

For one my first pet Patches the dog. When I was seven I took my dog for a walk and he got loose. He came back sick and we had to put him down right away. The Vet said it was a type of liquid someone must had put in him when he ran away. I later found out it was my friend John’s Dad who hated dogs. An other one, I’ve got plenty
of other pet stories like that.

I’ll be back again with another one later.
Just think of the one I just told you.


With Hope,
All Pets