Almost A Year-Apache by Jaclyn McKenna / Jackie

Dearest Apache James,

It’s almost a year to the day that you left this world, but never my heart. 11 long heartbreaking months have past without you and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of my boy. Thank you for being there with me on Graduation day… I felt your presence… Shauna came up and hugged me and whispered.. Apache’s with you today.. right here as she tapped my heart and I knew you were.
No one needed to tell me that.

I wrote your name and date of passing with a heart for love and a paw print for companionship on my cap… you got me to that day and I wanted you with me. So my boy..
as a year draws closer..

I send my wishes and prayers to you, I hope your ok. Another one of my friend’s passed away recently … his name is T.J so please welcome him to heaven and continue to take care of Grandfather, Kristi, Brandon, Celeste, Jason, Jared, and the many other people I have lost along the way.. including the pets… Toby, Mac, Shelly, Poco and Rosie.

I miss you my baby boy.. you’ll always be my number one boy, no matter what! Keep watching over me my love…
we will meet again someday.


All my love always and forever
Almost A Year-Apache
15, July 2003
Jaclyn McKenna