Alto by Liz & Julie

Dearest Alto

We sent you off to Heaven yesterday. You thought you were going for a ride. Please don’t be mad that we couldn’t take you there ourselves. Please understand how much we loved you and that we couldn’t bear to see you go through all this pain and fear. We thought long and hard and know this was the best right and most unselfish choice we could have made.

Please find Travis and let her lead you back to us for she knows the way. Although it’s been just hours since you went away we miss you terribly and hope you are happy and out of pain now. We know you can see again. We know you can chase squirrels now and jump up on the couch and roll on your back and make that tribble sound you make.

Thank you for 12 years and 8 months of laughter joy comfort and friendship. Wait for us by heaven’s door for we will be there someday soon!

You are our little man-boy our Puddles our great big boy and our Silly Puppy. We will never forget you as long as we live.

The Momma Liz and The Momma Julie


30, Nov 2000
Liz & Julie