Amber by Margi, Carl and Mari Timpanro / The Timpanaro’s

~To our Little Diva Amber-scamber~

Little Angel, you fought the great fight, beating cancer and kidney problems, but in the end, you just said ‘I’ve had it.’ You never, ever gave up, little girl and you had such a fantastic spirit, a bright mind, and a will of steel to accompany it. You were envied by many, but loved by all, and you went out as a lady, spunky until the end. You will always be in our hearts and our souls and we LOVE YOU and MISS YOU so much. Sprout those angel wings girlfriend, kick some butt, and come back and visit us, but please, baby, rest in peace. 🙂

We Love you,
Mommy, Daddy and Grandma


'Til we meet again, best friend,
15, Sep 2005
Margi, Carl and Mari Timpanro