Amy by Dawn Jones / Mam x

Your golden fur was shining,
Your ear stood high and proud.
You came running over to me,
Stood out from the crowd.
You were so clever, a true brain,
You even knew your toys by name!
Over the years you stood by me,
You protected me with love.
I hope that you are still doing that from high up above.
Yesterday was the saddest day that I have ever had.
You had to leave us,
Me and Abbi and Dad.
My tears flow for you because of guilt,
That I had to take you there.
What if you weren’t ready?
What if you think I didn’t care?
Your body may not be around,
But I know your spirit flies.
I’ll never forget you Amy
With your chocolate brown eyes.


Love you, miss you, want you back.
14, May 2007
Dawn Jones