Andreas by Julie Lewis / Julie

“Weep Not for Me
Far above the sad dark Earth,
I have found my place in the sky,
I would be completely happy,
But I see the sadness in your eyes.
I know I was your special cat,
And that you loved me so,
I heard the breaking of your heart,
But still I had to go.
I remember our walks in the sun,
The way you would pet my head,
How you worried when I was out at night
Until I was safe in bed.
I heard you pray to God,
You begged Him to let me stay.
It was not the Maker’s fault,
I had to go away.
Look around and you will see
I am never far from you and your love.
I stand here at the edge of Heaven,
Watching over you from above.
Please don’t spend your time
Mourning me early and late
For I opened my eyes and beheld wonder
Standing at Heaven’s gate.
Don’t blame yourself for what had to be
We had together seventeen happy years.
Let my tribute be your laughter,
Stain not my memory with tears.
I am better now Mistress,
If only you could see,
I am happier than I had even hoped
For your love’s light wings did carry me.
Your care made my days a Heaven,
Your compassion did set me free,
And though I am at the feet of the Maker-
My love will forever with you be.”

Andreas, what can I say? I love you so, my life
won’t be the same without you. I know when it is
my time to cross the bridge, you will be there
waiting for me, and we will walk
together once


I love you,
15, Aug 2005
Julie Lewis