Andy Panda by Lorna Eastcott / Your Loving Companion – Lorna

Andy Panda

Andy Panda was a Terri-Poo
Who knew how to get attention from you.

Just by giving you an adorable look
Could always make you put down that book.

His needs were simple also few.
Some food – a walk – Love from you.

The curliness came from the poodle side
But some terrier traits he could not hide.

So many tricks he quickly learned to do
Because it always pleasured you.

He danced, he rolled even played dead
And every night landed at the foot of a bed.

Some injuries as a pup some big dog had done
Caused physical limits – Too soon he was gone.

Full of Life and Love throughout his days
We all dearly miss his charming ways.


Gone But Never Forgotten,
Andy Panda
Mar 1985
Lorna Eastcott