Okay at 15 years he is was (a tough word to type instead of ‘is’)

no longer a puppy but he was my best friend.

For some unknown reason 6 years ago I walked into the shelter

in Long Beach (CA) and it was love at first sight.

I had never owned a dog but I knew that I had just seen my

soal mate who looked so depressed. When I asked about him

I was told “He’s about 5 or 6 and was supposed to be

destroyed yesterday but we had an extra cage so we

kept him for another day.” We were out of there in ten minutes.

The more I washed him (despite his objections),

the blonder he became. In two weeks my dusty friend turned

out to be as platinum as I was and the following year we won the

“Owner-Pet Look Alike Contest” hosted by The Long Beach

Press-Telegram newspaper.

Yesterday my best friend of unknown canine origin

(kind of a Llahsa Apso Cockapoo Maltese some-kind-of-terrier mix)

had to be put to sleep due to failing health and old age.

He was deaf going blind and the Rymadal was no longer

effective on his aging bones.

My grief is recent and as seemingly unlimited as his love for me

was. I have lost my best friend but now have a doggie

angel in heaven to watch over me.

Final note — I gave him permission as he left earth to search for

his original owners those who had trained him and created

such a marvelous animal before I was blessed with his presence

(whenever we went out he would freeze and watch elderly

couples walking together; I feel some seniors had had him first

and perhaps they passed away since there was no other reason for

being separated from such a magnificient beast!); or,

if he wished to be reincarnated I promised him that I would

find him if he wished to have me again.