Angel by Bonnie Costigan / Mommy, Daddy and your sister

The Smallest Angel

For my birthday, I received a pup
So small she’d fit in a cup
Always hyper and full of love
On her chest was the shape of an angel
or maybe a dove
Angel is what we called her
Her coat was shiny with black soft fur
Like all min-pins, she loved to jump
On the ground she’d land with a thump
On my neck, she’d like to cuddle
Into my hair she’d huddle
And she was your best friend
That’s ever been
Especially when you had the covers
Now in heaven is where she hovers
For she passed away this morn
Due to unknown diabetes, and for that I’m torn
My heart is in two
And I am so blue
She was so loved by us all
Brian, Kandice and myself
Our home will never be the same
But she will always live in our hearts
And in our memories
Until we’re together again.


With love to my small Angel,
12, Nov 2002
Bonnie Costigan