Angel by Jezekah / Jezekah

Everywhere I went, you were by
my side; my sunshine in every way.
We walked and played, we traveled
together and cuddled every day.

Everyone loved you. How could they not?
You were the sweetest dog anyone could wish for.
You never got mad or left me alone.
The darling little girl I adored.

But now you’re gone, and there’s a hole in my heart.
They tell me in time I’ll heal.
Thank you, Angel Baby,
for all you gave me
Your love was lasting and real.

You touched my life with your shy, gentle ways.
Your spirit, a soft spring rain.
So, spread your angel wings now
and fly, little girl,
for at last you’re no longer in pain.

I will always love you, my little Angel Baby Girl.


22, Jan 2009