ANGEL by John and Vicki Manker

Almost 7 years ago my friend contacted me to see if I would have an interest in a little rescue Yorkie named Angel. She said that she was a puppy mill survivor. After 7 years in the mill she was rescued and went to a new home. The lady became sick and a new home was needed. Since we are puppy parents that never travel and devote all our time to our pups we thought this was a good home for her as did my friend.

We filled out the adoption papers and had our home visit. All went well and it was time to pick up our new little sweetie. We met the foster who is my dear friend and she handed us this precious little girl. She had beautiful long hair and was perfectly groomed. I will never forget the little fluffy pink hair bow in her hair and the pink collar and pink crochet leash. Oh my what a lovely little girl. Before we left with her the foster took a picture of the three of us and the sun was shining on Angel’s head just like a halo. We think this was a sign that this was the right home and good things were going to happen to her.

We brought her home and she met the others. She was just perfect with all the other dogs in our home. She was very shy and did not like to be held for more than a couple minutes. She found comfort in her two little handmade beds that her foster Mom sent with her. She always sees that her fosters come well equipped. We had a copy of the adoption papers and also lots of tips on her care and her likes and dislikes. She settled in and it was a slow process at first for her to come to my husband and I. She liked us but she was unsure of any human at first. In time she decided we were pretty good people and she let us pet her and hold her a little at first. She soon was running to the door when people came to the house. She liked her Yorkie and Maltese brothers and sisters and settled in very well.

As the years passed we saw a more confident little girl but always on guard for loud noises. In researching where she came from I was able to figure out her original rescue was from a woman who was able to get some of the Moms and Dads from a horrid puppy mill. Her fear of loud noises was easy to understand. You see the dogs that were no longer needed for breeding were taken to the field not far from where the puppy mill cages were and shot by the woman in the family. Yes, the woman. I talked with the rescue person at one point and when we got Angel her original post on Pet Finder was there and it was the lady that I spoke with that told me the story of this puppy mill. So Angel was a survivor and very careful to trust and no wonder.

Time passed and Angel was one of the gang and always anxious for her meal time. She would come and get me if I was late with breakfast or supper. It was as if she was saying, come on Mom, let’s eat. She was a great eater and even though only having 2 or 3 teeth she preferred the dry dog food. She also enjoyed her snacks. She liked to spend a short time in the fenced yard with us and she was always telling one of the dogs “hey, that is my favorite bed”” if they got in her Tootsie Roll bed. We would moved the other dog and she would hop right in. She had her choice of many beds but that was her favorite one.


John and Vicki Manker