Angel by Joy and Brad / Mommy & Daddy

Before we even picked you out, I had picked out your name…Angel. I usually don’t do that but I knew in my heart that the next little soul coming into our lives would be special…and you were.

I saw you at 4 weeks old, I wasn’t supposed to get you but the person wanting you mistakenly was told you were sold so I got the chance and with one look I knew you were our’s. I remember you nibbling on the little toy mouse and how funny that was. We were already bonded for life.

We took you home at 7 weeks, family came over and everyone was saying you were special. Someone even sang “Angel Baby” to you. As you grew and up until you died, everyone always commented what a special Angel you were. You loved the sun, your igloo, your toys, your “Grandpa” and riding in the car. You hated your red sweater but were beautiful in it.

When I got sick, there were times I didn’t want to go on but you always were by my side…comforting me, guarding me, giving me a reason to go on. You were my Guardian Angel and I will always love you for giving me strength I could never have found on my own. You were “The Wind Beneath My Wings”.

As I balanced out, you went blind…so young but the vet told us it would bother us more than you, and he was right. You went on as though sighted. You still found the spots in the sun, you still loved your rides in the car, you still navigated “Grandpa’s” hill and you still went on trips with us. I’ll never forget Lake Tahoe, walking by the lake people stopped to comment on you and pet you and they never knew you couldn’t see them. Walking with head high and tail wagging everyone always noticed you.

We didn’t see what was coming, you were so healthy for being 11. I can’t talk about those 4 days except to say I think you gave us that time to prepare for what was ahead and you gave us four last days of loving memories.

When you died in my arms, just the two of us alone, I felt I should have been able to save you (being a nurse) but it wasn’t meant to be. When you died a part of me did, too. As the vet later said, what more loving way to go than in the arms of the one who loves you and the last thing you heard was my voice saying I loved you (also hearing Daddy say “Goodbye” and “I love you” when I called him).

We know you are at the Rainbow Bridge…happy, healthy, sighted and now with Taffy and Patches. Until we meet up with you, we will never forget you and will always love you. We wanted to teach you so much in your short life but you ended up teaching us so much more!! You’ll always be our “Sweetie Pie” and forever be in our hearts.


With endless love until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge...
4, Dec 1999
Joy and Brad