Angel II and Handsome II by Chrisy,Scott&Mommy Fluffy

In the sky
Is where you are.
Way up high
But not too far.
We’ll remember you.
No matter
Where you are.
You weren’t with us
Very long.
But I think
We would have gotten along.
We will always miss you.
We wish we got to know you just a little more.

With all our love and prayers

AngelII: Born Aug 3 2000 9-11pm was born a still birth
Fluffy II: Born Aug 3 2000 passed on at 2:30am
August 5 2000 in her/his sleep

Chrisy Scott & Mommy Fluffy


Angel II and Handsome II
3, August 2000 & August 5 2000
Chrisy,Scott&Mommy Fluffy