Angelina by Elan Kwiecinski / Elan

I’ve seen a fallen Angel,
That dropped right from the sky.
The moment that she hit the ground,
The clouds above did cry.
The rain came down relentlessly,
Dampening her wings,
And from her lips there came a song: the fallen angel sings.
The words were sad, her tone was mournful,
And tears dripped from my eyes.
The song told me just what happens
When an angel falls down from the skies:
Only time for one last song,
And the fallen angel dies.
I closed my lids,
I lowered them down,
And in my tears I wanted to drown.
And when I raised them once again
The angel before me had met her end.
But a silken feather lay on the ground.
I picked it up and heard a sound:
The sound of gates opening high above,
And to them flew an ivory dove.
I’ve seen a fallen angel, that dropped right from the sky,
And when I see her feather,
A lingering question:

So my little Angelina, my question has been answered. You came down to me, with your little ratlike ways. Everything was happy. I hope you get to frolic outside without a harness now. I love you, and i’ll miss you so much. You left me in the night, but me and Libby, we’ll be ok. But you know that she’ll miss you, all alone in that cage. Don’t forget about us.


Loving your memory forever,
4, Sep 2005
Elan Kwiecinski