Angie Bless

Angie came to house Bless on 7-31-11 as a foster, and immediately a failed foster.  🙂

She was about 6 months old and the rescue took her in from a local animal shelter in the DFW area that found her on the side of the road in July heat.  Our rescue, DFW Tzus and More, took her in and most of the fosters were on vacation so I was asked to help foster her.

Well, it wasn’t but a few minutes that I fell in love with her on the way home that day, and we found later she had a PDA, heart valve issue, and the rescue saved the money and raised the money to do her surgery to correct the PDA, but it was unsuccessful as the wall of the artery was too thin and the surgeon was unable to complete it.

So Angie came back here for her by all accounts only to be a year or so life, and I knew nobody wanted to adopt this little girl anyway with an imminent death.

Well, she lived for another 7.5 years, and became the main stay of our/my house.  She grew up literally sitting on my knee on the sofa, behind and on my shoulder on the sofa back and she just was the sweetest most spoiled rotten little girl God could have ever brought into my life.

I called her “monster’ because she had so many little terrorist activities, running around the house growling with a toy in her mouth, circling the sofas running, just a great life she had.  Her favorite was toe nibbling, and playing with your toes…whether you were standing or sitting, she would nibble and play with the toes, some folks just didn’t know what to think about that!  🙂  My favorite was she never let me out of her sight, always monitoring my whereabouts, and she slept guarded in the cusp of my forearm at night most of the time.

When we came back from trips in the camper, she would run around the house, circles, barking, saying she was so happy so so happy to be home.  Everyone loved this little soul.  She is a horrible and soul crushing loss to me.

The ER doc said that in all her years she never met a pup with a PDA live past 3 years, Angie was 7.5+, and I know I was lucky, but the loss and tears right now doesn’t equal the logic and numbers side of the equation, she will always be my most precious little toot.