Angie Doherty by Debbie Doherty / Mommy


One Little Angel Came One Day
Stayed For Awhile, Then Went Away
What Happened, What Went Wrong
For That Angel I Do Long
I Never Wanted For Us to Part

One Little PawPrint On My Heart.

That Darling Little Angel Who Shone So Bright
Came Into My Life And Made It Right
The Sweetest Little Presence I Ever Felt
Loved her So Much That I Did Melt
I Tried To Tell Her, “Don’t Depart”

Another Little PawPrint On My Heart

That Little Angel So Sweet And So Shy
She Just Couldn’t Stay, I Wish I Knew Why
I Begged And I Pleaded, “Stay For Awhile”
But She Shook Her Head And Gave Me A Smile
I Cried “Don’t Go, I Don’t Want To Be Apart”

One More Little PawPrint On My Heart

That Same Little Angel So Beautiful and Brave
Will Live In My Heart Well Beyond The Grave
Perfect Little Baby, The Apple Of My Eye
She Fought A Good Fight, She Really Did Try
But She Lost The Battle, The Wounds Still Smart

One Last Little PawPrint On My Heart

My Little Angel, Gone But Not Forgotten
Without You Sweet One, My World Is Rotten
At The Rainbow Bridge I Know You Wait And Play
My Precious Perfect Angel , I WILL See You One Day
I Guess You Had To Go When The Heaven’s Did Part
But Oh My Angel, You Left Behind

4 Little PawPrints On My Heart!

( In Memory Of Angie )
( July 1990 – November 1999 )
(By Debbie Doherty) C 2002


You Are Always With Me.
Angie Doherty
21, Nov 1999
Debbie Doherty