Annie by Cathy Ray / Mommy

Back three years ago, I found you sitting in the corner of a tiny cage at a fleamarket in Columbia, you were so beautiful to me, although you were so shy and afraid, in no time at all you had won our hearts; you were so special, never bothering anyone or anything, only wanting our love and
that we gladly gave you.

Everyone loved you, you always went where ever we went, unless it was to hot, or cold. Your favorite thing to do was to go to ride, even if it was just a quick stop at the corner store. You grew into a wonderful mother, you loved being a mom, when my cocker had babies you wanted to help tend to them too. My sweet girl, I love you so. Why did you leave the deck Jan 21, 2003? and go to the road, never had
you ever done that before.

Now my life has changed; all I can do is think of you and cry, or look at my empty lap, empty pillow (where you slept) empty spot beside my chair at the table. My life is so empty with you gone. I love my other pets, but they can’t compare to the way you were. A part of me has died with you, I wish I could have that day over.
You would be here in my arms right now.
I love you Annie!


With all my Love,
Cathy Ray