Annie by Michelle / With All My Love, ‘Mummy’ xxxxx

For My Annie, My Pride, My Joy, My Life.
A Dog in A Million

You came, one October morn,
a small black puppy so forlorn,
Just one look, you stole my heart,
I knew from that moment, we could not be apart.

Together always, day and night,
Into my life you brought love, laughter and light.
You asked for nothing, yet gave so much,
You could read my mind, and it was such.

You knew my thoughts, my joys and sorrows,
You were always a part of past, present and tomorrow.
Memories made, and so treasured now,
Like precious gems, and how I wish how.

I could turn back the hands of time,
And have you near again, once again mine.
The feel of your fur, your twinkling eyes,
Your funny little ways, and soft doggy sighs.

We faced it all, the joys and the fears,
You shared my life, seventeen long years.
Time took it’s toll, you couldn’t stay,
It came, as dreaded, your final day.

I held you close, one last embrace,
My tears of heartbreak caressed your face.
The look you gave me said it all,
“I love you Mum, but can hear the call.

Of doggy angels waiting for me,
but only your love can set me free.”
With one soft breath, a gentle sigh,
you left me alone, left me to cry.

Run free with Barney, safe, healthy and well,
I’ll see you one day,
When?…. only time will tell.
We will see the rainbow together, never again to part,
But do you think, until then,
you could send back my heart?


My Darling Angel, Annie,
Always loved and missed so much,
24, Dec 1999