You came into our lives suddenly
and took our hearts which
we gave to you willingly.

You became part of our family
and provided a center
of attention for all
of us to share.

You occupied such little space
but yet you filled our home.

You asked for nothing
but yet gave us an amount
of loyalty joy and
love that was unending.

You showed your appreciation
over and over when we came
within view.

You provided us with pleasure
when we played together
and we nuzzled you.

Your eyes always shone
with love even when
we felt in despair.

You are gone now and
you still have our hearts.

You showed us why a dog
is God’s greatest creation
with your unselfishness
and innocence.

You will be missed daily
but will always be in our hearts
our thoughts and our prayers.

You are April a true friend
and member of our family
who added true meaning and
love to our lives.

We are saddened and our hearts
are broken by your departure
but I know we will see you again
in God’s world at ‘Rainbow Bridge’.

Wait for me
I will be there.



11, Jan 2002