Aria by Jaime Grady / Jaime, Mike, Tabby, Hank and Luke

I adopted Aria from my cousin, Michelle and had her for many, many happy years. I believe she was about 5-6 years old when I got her. She loved being feed cat treats and her occasional supervised time outdoors. I adopted a kitten named, Tabby, when Aria was around 10 years old and they became the best of buds for a few years.

She has been sick for the last 2 years with blood in her stool, not using the cat box plus vomiting on and off. I had her to Exeter Vet in 2007 and they gave her antibiotics and tested her for feline leukemia (negative) and just said that as long as she didn’t continue to lose weight they weren’t really concerned but the next step would be complete blood work. Then this year things were still progressing for the worst and she just seemed to keep losing weight so I took her to Dr. Moyer. He said the same thing as Exeter basically. He said we could treat her systimatically with antibiotics but he couldn’t tell me exactly what was wrong without doing the blood work so I thought I would give it a try again. At first it seemed to make her worse, she had bad diarehea but then that stopped and so did the blood in the stool.

Then it just seemed like she took a turn for the worse. She laid around alot (wouldn’t even go to her favorite spot up on the back of the couch-you know like cats do), still vomiting on and off, and although there didn’t seem to be blood in the stool anymore she was still going outside the box, and she started dragging her back legs when walking (you could hear her back claws scrapping the floor when she walked), and had trouble getting up. I just couldn’t bear to see her like that anymore and considering her age of at least 12-15 years old (est.), I thought it would be best to just put her out of her pain. I took her to the animal rescue league (it was a wednesday) and it was the hardest thing I ever had to do (so far). I kept wishing that God would just take her naturally so I wouldn’t have to do this but I guess he wanted me to do it.


Never Forgotten,
Jaime Grady