Ashley by Chris and Carol / Ashley

In a dream I spoke to someone close to you;
I sent her to comfort and make your worries few.

For, you see, she was grieving too.

My loving human, grieve only once for me;
then awaken to the joy that I am once again healthy and free!

God granted me one more earthly request…
to help you believe that my life was the best!

See in your heart what I am about to convey,
and accept as fact that I’ll be with you every day.

Our souls are united, that bond will never break;
my spirit will soothe you in sleep and in wake.

In a white puffy cloud, see an image of me,
feel my presence in a calm, silver sea.

Sit in the spot that I loved during days,
and feel my warmth in the sun’s filtered rays.

Take a walk outside and gaze up at the trees,
feel my content purr as they whisper in the breeze.

As the dew on the grass reflects new summer skies,
in one dewdrop you’ll see my gentle green eyes.

I am happy in the place God has made for me,
with scratching posts and pillows scattered abundantly!

I’ll surround your life with my love that never ends
until the time that we are joined together again.


With love, your guardian angel,
1, Mar 2003
Chris and Carol