As I touch your face through the glass in the picture frame
I know nothing will ever be the same

Wishing you were here
Hoping the memories will make you feel near

I can’t express the emptiness I feel
God how I wish she were here to heal

As each day goes by I’m still in disbelief
Just a faint bark would be a relief

I wish everyone could just feel half the happiness and connection we share
I truly know its a belssing and rare

As I continue to write the page fills with tears though I can’t stop with overflowing fear

How will I go on without you by my side
We counted on eachother with every stride

You always forgave me for my mistakes
You fill my heart like a stream turning into a lake

All I can ask and beg that its true
We will be together again me and you


My Love Forever,
3, Jan 2004