Asia by Lisa Bandit & Moosie



March 4 1994 ----- Feb. 16 2001


For Asia

My garden is still my house is quiet

Light changes darkness is all around,

The morning is invaded with fog that creeps like a phantom up the hill,

I bend over in tears and touch your still warm paws,

Your soft ears I wish that you'd

wag your tail and stand up again,

but now you are gone my dear sweet Asia

I remain hours beside you but then I realize

that you are not there anymore

I remember try to reason believe cry search for an answer

my cat meows to me she is telling me something,

I realize that the sun is shining

There are birds singing butterflies,flowers life!

A warm wind blows all around me and

I realize that you will always be in the every little glorious thing.

I Love you Asia


Love Lisa (Bandita and Moosie the cats)






Lisa Bandit & Moosie