Ramses by Amalia / Your Mom

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted a cat of my own. I was told I was allergic and so the matter remained dropped. It wasn’t until my mid 20’s did I learn the truth. I wasn’t in fact allergic but my own brother was. Since he was, we were told we all were to save everyone the sorrow of not owning one. Since my brother no longer lived at home, the subject of getting one arrived. On my 25th birthday, my mother brother me and my younger brother out to a house that belonged to a co worker of hers.It turned out the lady’s daughter was a veterinarian and had a small surprise to me. I remember the first day I my sweet angel. She opened the small carrying crate and the small black cat emerged with big yellow eyes. He meowed at me as if to say hello. If they say animals don’t choose you, you choose them, don’t believe it for a second. I honestly believe he chose me that day and I was so excited to bring him home. I named him Ramses.

Ramses was a playful cat but also strong willed. His coat bared tiger stripes, only seen in the sunlight. I honestly believe he was part panther or some other type of wild cat. He loved to jump side ways and advance on us in his plays and fetch was his favorite game. As he grew older and was neutered, his playful ways seemed to be tamed. He became more layed back and sadly depressed. it was then I realized he needed a companion those long hours I was at work. So two years later we adopted Syla, a shy female, who didn’t seem to like human attention. But that was ok, she and ramses were inseparable. He protected her to his fullest ability. Scratching anyone or anything that bothered her. The years passed and I watched those two grow. His personality never withered. He was still the sweetest and warm hearted feline I had ever known. He was there when you were sad, nuzzling and licking you as if to say “Its ok, I’m here and I’m not leaving.”

That message was burned so deep in me that I honestly believe he would never leave…but I was so wrong….

Tragically Ramses did leave me behind. That night will haunt me forever as I left the room, giving him a gentle scratch on his head, turning to see him watching but never followed to hearing a loud thump moments later and then….the painful cries that echoed in my room.

I still don’t know to this moment was happened in those moments. Did he climb my desk and fell, hurting his neck? Did he have a heart attack when he leaped on my computer chair and fell? I may never know. All I know is that all our tears and pleas for him not to leave us didn’t prevent his heart from stopping. He died in my arms… the same arms that held him close as a kitten to protect him was now holding the lifeless body of my sweet Ramses.

It still hurts…more than words could express. To some he was just a cat. to me..he was my buddy…my companion, my friend and my angel. No longer will I hear his sweet meows or see his big yellow eyes greet me as I return home from work. This house is not the same and never will be. No other feline entering it will ever take his place nor fill the hole in my heart.

Ramses…I love you so much my sweet angel…We will meet again one day. Till then be strong and be free. You filled our lives with so much love, you will never be forgotten.