Bear by Angie / Mommy

My baby Bear…I miss you so much! We were only together a short while, but the love we shared was greater than I could have imagined. I see you with each step I take, I see you running ahead of me , looking back to make sure I am following. I miss you pushing your toy in my face and giving me those kisses! I hope you are happy in heaven and know that someday I will see you at Rainbow Bridge, where we will be together again


Bambi by Angie Allen / Mommy


My heart is breaking. I miss you so much, our time together was not nearly long enough. You were taken from me before I was ready to let go. There is no one to jump at my legs while I am cooking now, you were my “Little Jumper Bean”.

I hope you are happy in heaven and know that one day we will meet at Rainbow Bridge…there You, Me, Bear, Daisy and Lickity can be together again.

Until then be happy and know
that I will love you always!


Daisy by Eddie Allen / Daddy

Daisy … “Lil Sass” you were taken from us far too early. We did not have enough time together. My heart is broken and I miss you so much. You were such a silly girl, sassy like you were a queen. In my eyes you were. I hope you are happy in Heaven and know that I will see you at Rainbow Bridge one day and we will cross together. Until then be happy, play with Bear, Bambi and Lickity. Remember…I love you.


Lickity by Angie Allen / Mommy

Lickity…” Split” Our time was short, but you left your paws on my heart. I can see you on the couch, lying there on your back waiting for somebody to “get you”. I see you on the couch waving at me as I come inside, I miss you and love you. Be happy in heaven and know that one day you, me, Daisy, Bear and Bambi will meet
at Rainbow Bridge and cross together.