Mindy by Annee

Mindy was the best kitty ever.
I got her for Christmas when I was 6 years old.
I remember walking downstairs on Christmas morning
and hearing her scratch her
little Humane Society box that she came in. I loved her.
She was an indoors cat for almost a year but she
hated being pend up.
So we let her out to play she became an outdoors kitty,
she always used to bring us little “presents” and leave
them on the doorstep to tell us that she loved us.

One day she had a sore on her neck.
I thought it was from her collar so I took off her collar
and cleaned the sore really good.
My mom put a good antibacterial cream on it,
(like neosporin for cats)
but a week later it still wouldn’t heal.

We took her to her doctor and he told us she had cancer.
We had to put her to sleep.
I cried all day and I think about her every day.

I love her and always will remember her.
At least she is in a better place.

I Love You Mindy

With love,

Your Best Friend,



Maggie by Sarah

I remember lying there on the floor watching t.v.
when my lifelong friend and
companion Maggie
walked up on my back.
She was declawed and she started
to “massage” my back
she would paw at my back until I stood up.
Sometimes she would nuzzle her nose
into the back of my neck and purr.
I knew right then that she loved me
as much as I loved her.

Maggie passed away on Christmas day
due to old age. She died at the age of 16
the exact same age as me.
It made it my worst christmas ever
but I look back on her life and
I know she lived a happy and long life.

I know it is very hard to loose a pet.
They become your closest friends.
But I imagine that she went on to live
another life in heaven.
I know I will see her again
but until then she will watch down on me
and that makes it easier to go on without her.
In Memory of a great masseuse and friend Maggie.

I love you baby and
I’ll see you again someday.
With all of the love
that I hold in my heart,

Your companion through life
and beyond,



by Sarah / Sarah Hendricks

Today I sat in your chair to read a book.
I’m not sure if it was the memory of you
that made the seat warm or my imagination
but it felt like it did when you would
get up for a drink of water.
Yesterday I layed in your favorite spot on the couch.
I don’t know if it was my mind playing tricks
or if I really could hear your soft purr again.
Last week I watched Ally McBeal
and I’m not sure if I could really feel your paws on my back
or if it was me missing you.
Tomorrow I will gaze out the window
from where you used to sit and imagine
the smell of your soft fur and be sent down memory lane.
My thoughts somehow find a way to you my friend
no matter what I do or where I am.

I miss you Maggie and will always love you.


Mindy by Annee

Whenever I was lonely
you were there for me to hold

Whenever I was sad
You were there to cuddle with me

Whenever the whole world seemed to be mad at me
You still would purr when I would hold you

You never told my secrets
You never laughed at me when I would
sing and dance alone in my room
If ever I did bad or messed up,
you still looked at me the same
through your loving green eyes

Mindy you are my best friend and my Hero

You will live forever to me in my heart I love you.

Now and forever

Your best friend Anee