Tucker by Audrey / Audrey

Tucker, my beautiful blue-eyed chocolate boy…..such a short time with you, I tried so hard to save you but the monster F.I.P. was merciless – I am so sorry I couldn’t save you from the horrors of this disease sweetie. My arms feel so empty without your soft, warm body so relaxed while loving being held. Your eyes were the most beautiful blue like no others I’ve ever seen, and your fur so soft, with your cocoa brown tail and gorgeous mink brown legs, although you hated being brushed. I miss your quiet presence in each room I’m in, as you quietly followed me and laid down to be near me. I know you’ve visited me in spirit at least once since losing your battle that morning in August. I hope to catch that fleeting peripheral glimpse of you again. My beautiful boy, such a fleeting time with you, just 3 months, but you will be forever in my heart.


Leia by Audrey / mom

Leia my beautiful girl my princess my kindred spirit……our bond has been so deep for all of your 15 years like none I’ve ever experienced. I am so sorry to have to let you go on one of the worst days of my life. It comforts me to know that Nicki must have been there to greet you as you and she did so often play together through all of her 8 years. I deeply miss you and our conversations your beautiful purring in my ear looking into your baby blues feeling your comforting kisses and meaningful looks through my ups and downs your hovering over me in bed at night and wanting to get under the covers for just a few seconds. Your being in my life has had such profound and indescribable meaning like no other. You will always be my very special girl will be forever in my heart and I will miss you and treasure my memories of you for the rest of my days.


Nicki by Audrey / Mom

To my sweet Nicki, gone way too soon in August this year. As a kitten, you found me over 8 years ago, stole my heart, and added so much to my life. Your sweet, shy, tiny high-pitched cries will echo in my heart the rest of my life. I will miss you always, especially your sweet and loving presence on the piano bench next to me as I play.