White by Barbra / Barb and F

3 years ago we move to our new place and there he was, a white wild cat outside the apartment. I started to feed him and became a routine like my own cats Kelso and Cindy. He never had a name and the story was that someone else was feeding this wild cat. From my balcony floor I took care of him in the winter, sometimes he took off for a few days but came back.

In the summer, I will go downstairs and placed water and food for him. I always had a connection with him but couldn’t take under my wing because I have cats and he needed it a lot of care and of course money that I didn’t have. Fortunaly he wasn’t hungry all the time because of me but sadly today he pass away.

Coming from work he was resting on a chair downstairs and as I went down to feed him surprisingly he didn’t run away as he did when he saw me in the winter. The summer he was ok and always came closer to me and purr. But he got up from the chair like happy to see me and came towards me and stumble and collapsed, started convulsing then I paniced. Didn’t know what to do. Try to giving water but was too late only took a few seconds. I cried all night and ruined my whole weekend.

Even if he wasn’t my house cat he was there almost everyday of these passed 3 years and I’m going to miss him. I have the feeling that he waited for me to see him one last time. Even if the memory of seeing him dying was heartbreaking, but he went fast and feel I did for him what i could. My husband placed his grave close to our hearts in a secret place that only us and god knows.