by CJ

Hello my name is CJ and
I am here today to talk about my little guy AJ.
We only had him a short while
but the love we had for him was deep.
AJ died August 24, 02.
He was the only pup that his momma had.
So he was our number 1 guy.
He was so fun and so lovable and mean
but he was so happy.

When AJ got sick it was so fast
we didn’t have time to breath.
He would have convulsions and
this had to be hard on this little guy
being only 7 weeks old.

We called every Vet
we could find to help him.
But as luck would have it no vet would
look at AJ because we didn’t
have the money up front.

This was so sad that they wouldn’t
do any thing for him due to money.
Yes, I guess you could say
I’m angry and sad all at once.
But let me finish my story.

We had decided to put little AJ down and
remove his pain and suffering.
One of the hardest things I had to do.
So we called a Vet and asked
to AJ put to sleep and again
they would not help unless
we came up with a 100.00.
Well this was so awful!!!! I have never
heard of such in my life.
This is a vet telling me he won’t help
put to sleep a suffering baby
because of money.
This was too much for my family.
So what we had left to do was hold him,
talk to him, tell him
how much we loved him.

AJ died that afternoon he must of been so tired.
I hope that he understands what
we done for him and
just how much we loved him.
Because of our love for him
I have decided to write every one
I can to get help for all the pets and
owners that are on fixed income
the help our loved pets need.

So now I am on a mission and
could use your help.
If you would like to help me fight
this please reply to this message and
we will talk.

AJ and I thank You
For Your Time.

Please help these Pets!!